face painter based in Biggleswade Bedfordshire, available to travel all around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Central London UK.    

Funtastik Faces Face painting and Henna art


Henna art, Bedfordshire

Marie Antoinette body art

Rasiha Kavaklidere the Artist

I am a highly talented artist working professionally. I profession in face/body painting and Henna art offering my services to all ages 2+ 

I have worked besides and had the opportunity to assisted great professionals within this industry as I participate in many national and international face and body painting events and conventions. I'm very passionate with art and love working very creatively. I will always do my best of my very best to provide excellent services to all my clients.

I take bookings for all community, private  and corporate events. 

I'm also a certified committee member of the (International) 

Face Association- member #517 Therefore I follow the ethical guidelines of health and hygiene of FACE code of conduct.  

                              orange tiger face painting

Face painting 

My Journey started back in 2013 where I was face painting my two young girls at home with a small party pack face painting kit. My fun-time became my passion, I soon started to pursue highly talented artists who paint amazingly as this gave me so much motivation and inspiration and started to develop my own skills which I never knew I had. Its truly addictive as I started to expand my kit and my work repertoire. 

I Use professional tools and products which are tested and hypo-allergenic using brush and sponge technique. I also use skin friendly cosmetic grate glitter, gems and adhesives. 

I work very creatively and do my very best to give the wow factor for every individual who I paint.     

Henna tattoo art, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cam

miss pearl drop body painting

Body Art

There is no limit to imagination. Body painting is a very different level of creativity from head to toe. I have participated in many Body painting events and conventions displaying my project on live models who work professionally

Body painting also represents the artist's own unique flare, identity in its own distinctive style.

It takes time and effort to prepare a project but the results are always  amazing to see!


Henna glove design

Henna Art 

MIXING HENNA- I Mix my own fresh Henna paste using 100% Natural Henna powder from Rajhastan by only adding natural lemon juice and mixing with natural essential oils such as; Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender. Once Henna is applied on the skin it takes 48hrs for the stain to develop turning from a bright orange color to a very rich brown. Henna stains last approximately 10-14 days, The longer you leave it on the better it stains. 

ALLERGIES- Henna is a natural plant which normally grows in Saudi Arabia. the plants are then grinded down with the plants and pant twigs and turned into a powder form. It is what you add into Henna that causes any allergic reaction to the skin for eg; some people can have a reaction to essential oils please always check before any henna application a quick patch test can be carried out.  

CAUTION Black Henna!!

Black Henna  is not a natural ingredients but is made adding chemicals to henna that can cause a severe action to skin. Applying Black Henna is more likely to cause  severe reaction skin and can leave permanent skin skin damages!   

Sfx make up prosthetics

SFX & Prosthetics

I love working with SFX make up and Prosthetics creating all kinds of creatures with great texture. If you like to turn yourself into a hideous creature or a fantasy character then your in the correct place.    

Bump paimtimg

Bump Painting 

Bump painting is becoming more popular over the last 5 years, I offer the bump painting to all pregnant ladies from 28 weeks, All designs are special, different and unique to every individual. If your thinking to announce your babies gender this will be the perfect option, and the very special and eternal memory of your life.