face painter based in Biggleswade Bedfordshire, available to travel all around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Central London UK.    

Funtastik Faces Face painting and Henna art


Bump painter,London, UK


I use a very high quality professional product suitable for face and body painting only. My paints are hypo-allergenic and comply with the FDA and EU cosmetic regulations. Although they are designed to be used on skin this doesn't preclude an allergic reaction

I adhere to the highest standards and cleanliness by using a clean sponge for each client and changing the water frequently, I always take pride by keeping my face painting kit thoroughly clean before and after every event.
Face paints are water based and will wash out of most fabrics however some colours with high pigment could stain. Paints can be removed from clothing with cold water and a stain removing product, artist will not be responsible for stained items including fabrics, carpets and upholstery.

Face painting is not recommended for children under the age of 2 yrs. The artist is not liable to allergic reactions to paints, so if your child has sensitive skin or is allergic to a range of common products please discuss this before the child is painted! A patch test could be offered! As some colours could temporarily stain the skin it’s always advised that face painting should be removed with wet flannel, soap and warm water, baby wipes is not recommended as they can cause a reaction against sensitive skin.

Face painting you or your child is on your own risk if you or they are suffering from conditions such as; a runny nose, Cuts and opened wounds, Chicken pox, Cold sores, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, ring worms, Eczema, any Allergy. The artist has the right to refuse paint you or your child in the above circumstances.

The Child should always be supervised by a responsible adult and should not be left unattended whilst they are waiting or whilst they are being painted. I will not tolerate any abusive behaviour.

Children need to finish eating and drinking before getting painted. Please make sure that the area is CLEAN and DRY before getting painted. Please wipe nose and mouths before being seated! Wet wipes can be provided for parents to use, artist is not liable for any reactions! I won’t paint anyone whom does not wish to be face painted. Instead I can offer a small design on the arm or hand.

At private parties the party organizer/host will be deemed responsible for informing the parents that face painting is available and they are responsible for informing the painter of any child who is not to be face painted
Funtastik Faces do not take photograph/s without the person/parent/guardian permission. I may ask for a consent to take a photograph once you/your child has been painted for use of advertisement (including, flyers, cards, press release, websites etc) you are under no obligation to give consent. If you do give your consent, you will need to sign the consent permission form. The client is responsible to obtain his/her signed consent.

Thank you for using my services.